4 Real Estate Tips we learnt from Friday the 13th


TIP 1: Get to know your neighbours!

We highly recommend listening to what the locals have to say when scoping out real estate in an area. If just a single camp counsellor had spared a moment to listen to one of the eager-to-tell neighbors… Jason wouldn’t have risen from the depths of the nearby lake to murder a bunch of oblivious teenagers, over and over again.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry appeared to know that something was not right with the property at the lake. Countless dead teenagers each summer could have been the dead giveaway... however the locals were more than happy to spill the stories to the newbies.

I’m sure the property you’re interested in does not reside in a town with  a reputation as soiled as Crystal Lake… However, moral of the story is to provide an example of why it is important to listen to what the locals have to say about the area.

Something to know: If a crazed killer was to rock up at your doorstep, or if a distasteful odour drifted in, seek advice from your sound minded neighbours, Chances are they have experience the same thing.


 TIP 2: Home inspections save lives


It’s hard to not blame many of the murders in the original "Friday the 13th" on the lack of a proper home inspection.

As typical as it seemed, the power wasn’t reliable which lead the camp counsellors several yards away in a barn to reach a generator each time the power cut out. Consequently, each time killer Jason wanted to slash up a victim, all he needed to do was cut the power.

IF a genuine home inspector has inspected the home prior to residence, the power issue would have been found and fixed. It is a home inspector’s job to inspect the home for potential issues prior to the issues becoming major problems.

TIP 3: Isolation, the horror movie without the crazed killer


Back in it’s prime, I’m sure Crystal Lake would have been a vacation hot spot. With parties and family activities in the on-period, and a quiet get away retreat in the off-period. However, nowadays at first glance, a few red flags can be seen a mile away. The deserted streets for one, the lack of phone service, public transport and the barricaded shop windows. Horror story or not, this place is screaming isolation.

When you are buying a property, it is important to look at the bigger picture. Does the town/ suburb have local police and fire services. Is there good phone coverage in case an emergency arises? How far are your neighbors and can you reach them if you need to.

If being off the grid is  what you truly crave, Go for your life. But don't say we never warned you! (Just like those weirdos in the diner at Crystal Lake.)

TIP 4: SECURITY, where were you?


Whilst most of us sat in front of the t.v loudly criticizing each characters bad survival decision, did anyone else consider the lack of security features in the property?

Like—where were the locks in this place? Typically in the final scenes, the lone survivor is trying to make a get away from room to room, slamming doors behind her, attempting to be free of her likely fate. -But locks don't seem to exist so the killer just keeps following.

Lucky for you, chances are that you won’t be stalked by an immortal, psychopath on a murder rampage. But, it is a good idea to invest in some security features. i.e door locks as soon as you move in! An alarm system would also do wonders.


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