Key steps for a well-functioning pantry!


  1. Clean

First and foremost, remove EVERYTHING from your pantry, and we mean absolutely everything! Next, we recommend getting right in there and scrubbing every inch of shelf until you can see the surfaces shining with glory.

A pantry cannot be well- functioning if it doesn’t scream cleanliness.


  1. Organise

A good way to start would be to go through all the items removed from the pantry (which should have been everythingJ) and organise them into categories.

The best way to organise your pantry is to determine which sort of organisation will suit you best. For example designated areas can consist of categorizing pasta’s and cereals, spreads and sauces, cans and jars, and any condiments and spices. The rest is up to you! 

We would recommend placing everyday items in an easy to see and reach location, which is generally in a range between your eye level and your hips.


TIP: Check product best before dates to filter out any expired items.


  1. Style

Now, it’s time for us to think about how we are going to store/ group your items together!

You could think about baskets, which is visually appealing and practical. Or even a clear glass storage container, which has proven to be efficient in mess control (brownie points for air tight lids).

Multiple varieties of storage container also work, so pop down to Kmart/ target or even IKEA to see what storage containers are trending right now.


TIP: Make sure snacks are easily accessible, so you or the children can easily grab something on the way to school/ work.


  1. Simplicity

Please take note of the K.I.S.S phrase- “keep it simple sweetheart”

A complicated pantry will work against you.  Nothing screams a bad dynamic like an overcrowded already-small space.

Less is more, so keep essential items in view and any extras on the top shelf out of sight (out of mind).


  1. Maintenance

It may not seem like it, but this is by far the most important step.

On a daily basis, ensure you are returning your items to their correct spot. If you do this consistently, you will forever have a pantry space that all your friends will be jealous about.


TIP: If you label your products with their use- by date, it’ll be easier to up keep your use-ables.


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