Selling in Spring


There has been a fair amount of talk lately regarding the spring selling season and how it is the best time of year to put your home on the market. We can’t argue the fact that spring brings us warmer weather, flowers in bloom and an optimistic vibe in the air, which as a result attracts an increased amount of active buyers.

An increased amount of active buyers will guarantee busier home opens and competitive purchase prices. However, this is no secret so you will be sure to see more properties pop up on the market competing for your prospective buyers. So, try beating the queue. Jump on board before anyone else does and have your home looking in top shape to snatch up those prospective buyers before anyone else can, and maximise your potential of having your home sold and settled before the Christmas period.

Nonetheless, it is imperative you do your research first to find an agent who you can rely on to maximize your homes selling potential, and the best ways to present your home.


 Key Points to consider while choosing an agent to work with…


One of the first things to consider when selling your home is who you want to work with and what things they can offer you. A home is generally a person’s most valuable asset so it is imperative to find an agent who you can trust and rely on.


Things to not heavily consider while looking for an agent


  • Only the appraisal figure


A common mistake is selecting the agent who offers the highest potential sale price for your home after an appraisal. It is key to remember, just because a real estate agent estimates a higher value, this is not an indication that they will be able to deliver. This can sometimes be a tactic in order to win your listing. 

The figure you are given from your appraisal is merely just an idea on what you can expect your property to sell for in the current market. In more cases than not, an overpriced house can be highly detrimental by the way it is perceived on the market. 


Things to consider while looking for an agent


  •  Commission
  • Experience
  • Skill
  • Advertising/ marketing plan
  • Knowledge


An agent’s qualities are key to focus on while you are trying to make a decision. Things like sales experience and professional knowledge in your properties area are a pretty good filter to narrow down your search. In order to maximize your properties potential, an agent who knows the area like the back of their hand will be able to market your property a lot better than someone who does not.

An effective way to determine an agent’s capability is to search for testimonials. Testimonials provided by previous sellers will tell a lot about their experience from a client’s perspective.

Last but not least, take a look into the real estate agency the agent represents. Take into account the agency reputation amongst the community. An agencies reputation can influence the reputation of your property, so pick wisely!




I’ve chosen my agent… now what?

Now that you have chosen your agent, the next step is to prepare your home for the public to see!




Gardens have the potential to be breath taking in spring, so make the most of your outdoor area and ensure it’s flawless before any open house. Since the weather is warm but not too hot at this time of year, this should allow you to fix up anything that needs doing outdoors. Keep in mind that spring brings the best possible light which improves the visual appeal of your home!

TIP: it’s often the ideal time to showcase a house that struggles with heat in summer or that can be dark and depressing in winter.

To get the most out of our curb appeal, ensure your lawn is tidy and fix any dead or bald patches in the grass with a bit of fertilizer. Pull weeds and plant new flowers if necessary to add vibrant touches of colour to the garden.

TIP: Bright coloured flowers will reinforce the notion of spring creating an image of optimism and positivity.

It is important that your prospective buyers can have a clear view of your home from street view (not to mention this is better for security reasons). Clear away any large bushes or trees that are in the way of a buyer’s line of vision by trimming stray branches 




Take a look at your home as if it is no longer yours so you can look at it through a stranger’s eyes and work out, as dispassionately as possible, what would appeal to a prospective buyer and rearrange your furniture, ignoring your own sentimental favourite pieces, to make the most of the space and make the space flow as easily as possible.

Spring brings the best sunlight and most stylists will agree that there is no better lighting like natural lighting. Open the curtains and let the light stream in and bathe your home in a warm glow.  Polish floors, mirrors, glass, and door knobs, the light will really make these surfaces dazzle as it streams in through the windows during inspections. It’s also a good idea to open up the windows to let the fresh air seep in and eliminate any winter scent. Air fresheners can be over powering for a lot of people, so fresh air is the best alternative. To further benefit from spring’s effect, position vases of freshly-cut flowers throughout the home. This will help appeal to a buyer’s senses with the combination of bright colours and reinforce the atmosphere of spring.

In conjunction with appealing to the senses, use colour when selling your house. Colour can quite powerful when used correctly in relation to influencing prospective buyer’s mood. Bright, light, cheerful colours can create an uplifting and optimistic atmosphere, which is only positive whilst your buyers are trying to visualize themselves living in your home.

When selling in spring, it’s important to be willing to adapt to the season and circumstances. Spring provides an abundance of advantages to sellers, helping you appeal to a buyer’s wish to make a fresh start.


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