How to store your favourite accessories!

 There is an abundance of clever ways to organise your favourite accessories! We have done the hard research to present you some economical, yet fabulous storage ideas. 



How do I store scarves?


  • A zip line from IKEA & some shower curtain rings-

Use the zip line to hold the rings, and then thread your scarves through to hang! Perfect for the person whose sick of scarves slipping off the clothes hanger! This DIY idea uses shower curtain rings for scarf storage that stays put, so you’ll never worry about scarves slipping to the bottom of your closet ever again.


  • Towel Bars/ Tension Rods -

place on the back of a door and hang them. An easy system for finding, storing, and displaying a scarf collection.


  • Board and hooks-

Paint a board to make it pretty, and install as many hooks as you need to hang your scarves!


  • Clothes Hangers-

This will keep your scarves organized and easily tucked away while still being easily accessible



And just like that, you can have easily accessible, crease free scarves!





How do I store jewellery?


  • DIY jewelry stands-

cut a triangle out of wood and hang a necklace over the top


  • Teacups- 

Maximize your jewelry sets visual appeal by storing them in colour matching tea cups! Not only perfectly organised, but elegant aswell!


  • A cork board covered with linen fabric-

decorate with a nail head border and use thumb  tacks to pin and hold up your jewelry


  • Screw in a bunch of wall hooks into your desired wall-

Enjoy the benefit of hanging your jewelry for easy selection and then hide the whole thing with an IKEA mirror on hinges... genius!


  • Have a box of antlers under your bed?

You can't get any more versatile with this product. You can store anything from jewelry, to scarves all the way to hair ties! A brilliant product!



" Once your accessories are neatly organised, you can take a photo on your phone so that  next time when you can’t decide how to accessorize an outfit in the morning, all you need    to do is scroll through your photos to get an instant reminder of the pieces you own. "  





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